What to Do if You Enter the Mosque and the Mu’adhin is Giving the Adhaan

by The Albaani Site

Questioner: Ustaadh, a man enters the mosque while the mu’adhin is giving the adhaan, does he pray the tahiyyatul-masjid or stand in order to repeat what the mu’adhin says?

Al-Albaani: I think your question is wanting, it is a general question, I think you mean on Fridays?

Questioner: No, in general, O Ustaadh.

Al-Albaani: That’s easier [then], it’s easier if you mean in general.

Questioner: Yes.

Al-Albaani: No, he answers the mu’adhin [i.e., repeats after him], and then afterwards reads the tahiyyatul-masjid.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 234.