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Shaikh al-Albaani Teaching Someone How to Give and Pronounce the Adhaan Correctly



What to Do if You Enter the Mosque and the Mu’adhin is Giving the Adhaan

Questioner: Ustaadh, a man enters the mosque while the mu’adhin is giving the adhaan, does he pray the tahiyyatul-masjid or stand in order to repeat what the mu’adhin says?

Al-Albaani: I think your question is wanting, it is a general question, I think you mean on Fridays?

Questioner: No, in general, O Ustaadh.

Al-Albaani: That’s easier [then], it’s easier if you mean in general.

Questioner: Yes.

Al-Albaani: No, he answers the mu’adhin [i.e., repeats after him], and then afterwards reads the tahiyyatul-masjid.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 234.

Is the Du’aa for the Adhaan Also Said After the Iqaamah?


Questioner: Regarding the du’aa for the adhaan, is it also legislated for the iqaamah?

Al-Albaani: That is what is apparent from his statement ﷺ, “When you hear the mu’adhin, then say the same as him …” and in a hadith whose authenticity is well-known he made the iqaamah an adhaan, “Between every two adhaans there is a prayer for whoever wants to [pray it],” so the iqaamah is an adhaan, the rulings of the adhaan apply to it from which is answering the mu’adhin [i.e., saying the same as him] and asking for the Waseelah for the Prophet ﷺ and sending salaah upon him ﷺ.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 79.

On The Prayer for Need [Salaatul-Haajah]

Questioner: Salaatul-Haajah [The prayer for a need], is there anything reported about it, O Shaikh?

Al-Albaani: No, nothing authentic, there are reports but they are not authentic.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 528.

Eating or Prostrating on Arabic Newspapers or Newspapers that May Have Allaah’s Name in Them

Questioner: Regarding newspapers which we eat on, is it allowed to eat on newspapers?

Al-Albaani: It’s not allowed to use them like that, because they have Allaah’s Name in them, or Muhammad ibn Abdullaah’s name, maybe an aayah or a hadith and so on.

Questioner: Is it allowed to pray on a newspaper?

Al-Albaani: Standing on it?

Questioner: No, ya’ni, prostrating on it.

Al-Albaani: It’s not allowed to use them in such a manner.

Questioner: Absolutely not?

Al-Albaani: Absolutely.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 52.

How to Move Your Finger in Tashahhud—You Move it Up and Down a Lot in a Manner that Can Hardly Be Seen

Questioner: In some of your tapes we heard that moving the [index] finger in the tashahhud is not done by raising and lowering it, i.e., [but should be done by moving it] from the right to the left, so we implement this, walhamdulillaah, but the people ask us what the proof for that is?

Al-Albaani: How do you implement it?

Questioner: Ya’ni, I move my finger from the right to the left.

Al-Albaani: Who told you that?

Questioner: One of your tapes, O Shaikh.

Al-Abaani: No, you’re mistaken.

Questioner: What is the correct way?

Al-Albaani: The correct way is that you move it in its place, not to the right and left, in other words, you raise it and lower it but in a manner that can hardly be seen, understand?

Questioner: Understood, O Shaikh, understood.

Al-Albaani: As for moving it the right and left then this has crept in among you from your old madhhab, or from the madhhab of some of you in Algeria and Morocco and those countries on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, i.e., the Maaliki madhhab, they are the ones who do what you mentioned …

Questioner: In [your book] Sifatus-Salaatin-Nabee, you mentioned that when Imaam Ahmad was asked whether he pointed with his finger in the prayer he said, ‘Yes, intensely.’ Intensely, what does intensely mean here? The speed or what?

Al-Albaani: That is it, ya’ni, a lot.

Questioner: A lot?

Al-Albaani: Yes.

Questioner: Alhamdulillaah.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 564.

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