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Islaam is Humiliated and Honoured Through the Humiliation and Honour of its Followers


Commenting on the hadith, “When the Arabs are humiliated, Islaam will be humiliated,” the Imaam said:

Fabricated, reported by Abu Nu’aim in, ‘Akhbaar Asbahaan,’ , vol. 2, p. 340.

Islaam’s honour is not correlated with the Arabs alone, in fact Allaah may honour it through other believers as occurred during the time of the Ottoman empire, especially during its early days, for Allaah honoured Islaam through them until it reached the middle of Europe—then when they started to turn away from the Legislation to European laws, ‘… exchanging what was better for what was less …,’ their empire started to shrink from those countries and others until it almost disappeared from their [very] own lands!  No outward manifestation indicative of their Islaam remained in those countries except for very little!  And because of that all of the Muslims were humiliated after they had been in a state of honour and the non-Muslims entered their countries and, except for a few, subjugated them—and even if these few were safe from being outwardly subjugated, they were colonised in a covert way, under the cover of many schemes, such as through economic pressures and so on!

So it is established that Islaam is honoured and humiliated through the honour and humiliation of its followers, whether they are Arabs or non-Arabs, ‘And no Arab has superiority over a non-Arab except through piety.’

So, O Allaah! Give honour to the Muslims and inspire them to turn back to Your Book and the Sunnah of Your Prophet so that, through them, You will give honour to Islaam.”

Ad-Da’eefah, vol. 1, pp. 301-303.

Al-Albaani: The Weakness of the Muslims and the Lack of Assistance from Islamic Countries is what Made the Jews Enter Palestine


Al-Albaani: What made the Jews enter Palestine? It was, first and foremost, the weakness of the Muslims and thereafter the lack of assistance from Islamic countries for the Palestinian population.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 681.

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