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Shaikh Muhammad ʿUzair Shams Has Passed Away

Shaikhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah’s handwriting in his manuscripts is notoriously difficult to read, he used to write very quickly, the world’s greatest expert in his handwriting and manuscripts in the present day has passed away, Shaikh Muhammad ʿUzair Shams. A few weeks ago I sent out a link to all of Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn al-Qayyim’s books in PDF format, he was one of the Shaikhs whose name can be seen on many of the covers. He was 65 years old and from India. Here is a dars he did.

Surely to Allah we belong and to Him we will all return. May Allaah have mercy on him and grant him al-Firdaws.

Allaahul-Mustaʿān, this is truly a sad day.

Website Address Changed to TheAlbaani.Site

Please note the website address has now changed from to TheAlbaani.Site.

Shaikh al-Albaani’s Daughter Has Passed Away

Shaikh al-Albaani’s daughter, Umm Naasirud-Deen Sukainah, has passed away, رحمها الله.


Al-Albaani’s Son Passes Away

Shaikh al-Albaani’s son, Abdul-Musowwir al-Albaani passed away today, rahimahullaah.

Al-Albaani “Tightness in the Chest” Quote on the Internet Incorrectly Referenced as Being Something He Said

The quote below can be found on the internet and is referenced as being from Shaikh Al-Albaani’s Silsilah as-Saheehah, hadith no. 554, vol. 2, p. 86, but after checking Silsilah, under hadith no. 554 all that can be found is the actual text of the hadith, “Eemaan is patience and tolerance,” and no explanation, along with the fact that hadith no. 554 is on p. 94 and not p. 86 as is referenced, and there is also nothing explaining the hadith on p. 86, unless this was taken from a different print than the one it was just checked against. Allaah knows best but the entire paragraph preceding the hadith below is not in Silsilah and shouldn’t be attributed to the Shaikh.

Maybe someone meant to reference the hadith alone as being from Al-Albaani’s Silsilah and not the paragraph preceding it and then it may have been incorrectly copied and pasted and so on until it seemed as though the entire paragraph was from Silsilah. And Allaah knows best.

Here is the text of what is being circulated on the internet, attributed to Al-Albaani:

“Symptoms of weak faith

Shaykh Al Albani رحمه الله

Tightness in the chest, mood swings and depression,which weigh a man down and make him quick to complain about the slightest thing, these all are symptoms of weak faith. A person easily gets upset with the people around him, and no longer has any tolerance. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) described faith when he said, “Eemaan is patience and tolerance”

Shaykh Al-Albani Al-Silsilah al-Saheehah, no. 554, 2/86.”

Official Facebook Page of The Albaani and Gifts of Knowledge Sites—Please Like the Page and Spread it and Gain the Reward


Opened a Facebook page for both blogs, feeds to the posts will be posted there automatically so you can stay up to date with the latest articles from either one.

This is the only Facebook page for the Albaani Blog and Gifts of Knowledge sites, please spread the word so as many people as possible can benefit.

Here is the link:

Retraction of Post Entitled: “I think … I say … my saying in this affair is …”

There was a post I translated over a year ago with the title as mentioned above.  I happened to be going over it again yesterday and when I referred back to the source mentioned in it, all I could find was a mention of the hadith but the Shaikh’s explanation that followed it was not there.  I tried searching for it in all of his books and have not come across it.

Then I came across a post on the Multaqa Ahlul-Hadith forum where someone had already asked the same question about the source and there they said that this quote was also found on the Arabic Shaikh al-Albaani website and that once they were informed and couldn’t find the source they too removed it.

So following on from that, could all those of you who may have forwarded it kindly let people know that we haven’t been able to find a source for it and that I’m removing it from the blog.

I’ve already taken the link down so you won’t be able to find it on the blog, so just to let you know which post it was, its text was as follows:

“The Imaam, the Muhaddith, the Shaikh Muhammad Naasirud-Deen Al-Albani, may Allaah have mercy on him, said in As-Silsilah As-Saheehah (hadith no. 1173), explaining the hadith which Abu Abdur-Rahman As-Sulami narrated from Uthman ibn Affaan, may Allaah be pleased with him, in marfoo’ form, “The best of you are those who learn the Quraan and teach it …”:

“In this hadith is an encouragement to learn the Quran, that the best of the teachers are the teachers of the Quran and that the best thing a man can learn is the Quran. So would that the students of knowledge know this since there is great benefit in it.  And indeed a calamity which has become widespread in this time of ours is that you will find many of the callers or beginners in studying knowledge putting themselves forward in calling [to Allaah] and passing religious verdicts and answering questions from the people when they do not even know how to recite Surah Fatihah well and nor with the correct articulation points for each letter [makharijal-huroof].

So you will see him pronouncing the letter ‘seen [س]’ as a ‘daad [ض] and the letter ‘Taa [ط] as a ‘taa [ت] , the ‘dhaal [ذ] as a ‘zayy [ز] and the ‘thaa [ث] as a ‘seen [س] . You will see him fall into a clear error [al-lahn al-jali][1] in recitation let alone the hidden error [al-lahn al-khafi].[2]

It is befitting–naturally–that he should make his recitation from memory good, so that he can cite with ease the relevant aayaat and use them as proofs in his admonitions, his lectures and his da’wah. [Instead] you will see him become preoccupied with declaring [ahadith to be] authentic and weak, and refuting the scholars and preferring some over others [from among them]. You will always hear words from him which are higher than the level he is at–so you will see him saying, “I think … I say … my saying in this affair is … and the strongest opinion in my view is …”

The strange thing about this affair is that you will not find one of them talking about a matter that is agreed upon [muttafaqun alaih] amongst the scholars. Rather, he will always–except for those upon whom Allaah has mercy–talk concerning matters in which there is a difference of opinion so that he puts forward his [own] opinion regarding it; and if that is difficult for him then you will see him [going through the sayings] giving precedence to one over the other–I seek refuge with Allaah from showing off and from the love of being heard and known.

I advise myself first and then these people secondly that the best thing a student of knowledge can start with is memorisation of the Quran, due to His, the Most High’s, saying:

“But warn with the Quran he who fears My Threat.” [Qaaf:45]

And may Allaah’s prayers and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and his Companions.”

With apologies for the inconvenience.

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