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“The Scholars of My Nation are Like the Prophets of The Children of Israel.”


It is reported that the Prophet said, “The scholars of my nation are like the Prophets of the Children of Israel.”

Al-Albaani said, “The scholars are united that this hadith has no basis. It is something the misguided Qaadiyanis use as a proof to say that prophethood still remains after him . If it were authentic it would have been a proof against them as is apparent with only the slightest reflection.”

Ad-Da’eefah, 1/677-678.

Shee’ah Lies


The Imaam said, “What the Shee’ah say … that the Prophet said about ’Ali, may Allaah be pleased with him, ‘He is my Khaleefah after me,’ is not authentically established in any form whatsoever, in fact, it is one of their many fabrications which historical facts have proven to be wrong, because if it were assumed that the Prophet did say it, then it would have happened just as he said, for what he says is, ‘… a revelation revealed …’ [Najm 53:4]—and Allaah سبحانه fails not in His Promise.”

As-Saheehah, 4/344.

Sending Salaah on the Prophet عليه السلام To Help Remember What One May Have Forgotten


Questioner: Noble Shaikh, [the questioner was about to ask his question but forgets what he was going to say and so does what is common and sends salutations on the Prophet عليه السلام to help him remember what he has forgotten thinking this to be the Sunnah], Allaahumma salli ’alaa Rasoolillaah … alaihis-salaatu was-salaam …

Al-Albaani: [Quotes the aayah], “And remember your Lord when you forget … and remember your Lord when you forget …” [Kahf 18:24].

Questioner: Laa ilaaha illallaah.

Al-Albaani: … because the hadith about sending salaah on the Prophet عليه السلام to help a person remember what he has forgotten is weak, not authentic, whereas the Quranic aayah is forthright, “And remember your Lord when you forget …”

Questioner: You’ve spoken the truth, just sometimes a person does things which he is used to …

Al-Albaani: I say that you too have spoken the truth [in saying that a person does things that he is used to], but what should you do … [what] you and I should do is go back to the aayah ….

Questioner: Inshaa Allaah, with Allaah’s Permission …

“As You Are, So Will Your Rulers Be.”


It has been reported that the Prophet ﷺ said, “As you are, so will your rulers be.”

Al-Albaani said, “Weak [Da’eef] … additionally I hold that the meaning of this hadith is not correct unrestrictedly, for history has shown us that a righteous man has become a leader directly after a non-righteous one with the selfsame public!”

Ad-Da’eefah, vol. 1, pp. 490-491.

Authenticity of the Hadith Stating that Surah Yaa Seen is the Heart of the Quraan

إِنَّ لِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَلْبًا، وَقَلْبُ القُرْآنِ يس، وَمَنْ قَرَأَ يس كَتَبَ اللهُ لَهُ بِقِرَاءَتِهَا قِرَاءَةَ القُرْآنِ عَشْرَ مَرَّاتٍ

From Anas who said that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said, “Indeed everything has a heart and the heart of the Quraan is Yaa Seen. Whoever recites Yaa Seen, then Allaah will write for his recitation that he recited the Quraan ten times.”

Reported in Sunan at-Tirmidhee, no., 2887, and Shaikh al-Albaani declared it to be fabricated [mawdoo]. See ad-Da’eefah, no. 169.

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