On The Prayer for Forgiveness [Ṣalātut-Tasbīḥ] · Is it Prayed in Congregation? · Part Seven

by The Albaani Site

See here for part six.

Questioner: In relation to Ṣalātut-Tasbīḥ … we know that the Prophet ﷺ taught [his uncle] ʿAbbās this prayer but that he ﷺ didn’t pray it [himself], and it has been said that it has not been reported that the Companions prayed it in congregation … how do we pray it in congregation and call the people to that?

Al-Albaani: I didn’t know that you pray it in jamāʿah—you pray it in jamāʿah?

Questioner: Yes, we have prayed it in congregation on more than one occasion Shaikh.

Al-Albaani: That’s on you … Ṣalātut-Tasbīḥ is legislated to be prayed like the Sunnahs, on its own.

Questioner: Everyone [praying it] individually?

Al-Albaani: … or at home.

Questioner: You mean you didn’t pray it with us?

Al-Albaani: Astaghfirullah.

Questioner: A personal question, have you ever prayed it?

Al-Albaani: Yes.

Questioner: You did. So praying it in congregation is an innovation?

Al-Albaani: Yes.

Questioner: Wallaahi, we reported from you that you prayed it with us, O Shaikh.

Al-Albaani: May Allaah forgive you.

Al-Hudā wan-Nūr, 252.