On The Prayer for Forgiveness [Ṣalātut-Tasbīḥ] · Did Shaikh al-Albaani Pray It? · Part Six

by The Albaani Site

See here for part five.

Questioner: There is another issue, some of the youth were saying that Shaikh al-Albaani sometimes will declare ḥadīths to be authentic but not act on them [himself], like the ḥadīth about Ṣalātut-Tasbīḥ … that even though al-Albaani said the ḥadīth was authentic he didn’t do it, [or that] maybe he didn’t do it, and that is only because it is possible that he feels something about it. What do you think about that?

Al-Albaani: How do they know that he doesn’t act on it?

Questioner: Their brains told them.

Al-Albaani: No. If you had said their desires and not their brains you would have been correct—because the one who has a brain does not guess blindly.

The ḥadīth says that the Prophet ﷺ said to his uncle ʿAbbās about praying it even if only once in his lifetime, so how do they know that I haven’t prayed it in my lifetime when I am now sixty-seven years old? This is from the misguidance of the youth of today and their guessing at the unknown.

Al-Hudā wan-Nūr, 307.