The Ruling Concerning Non-Muslims in the West whom The Message did dot Reach

by The Albaani Site


Questioner: Nowadays, a non-Muslim from Europe, for example, who dies and was brought up in a corrupt environment, and Allaah’s Refuge is sought, with no-one conveying the Islamic religion to him, and even if it had reached him, it did so in a form of disarray such that he did not want to enter it, so I don’t know … do such people come under the ruling of those whom the message did not reach [Ahlul-Fatrah] or is there a major difference [between them?]

Al-Albaani: No [there is no difference], such people are like those of the Fatrah whom the call did not reach, they will go through a special process on the arasaat on the Day of Resurrection.

Quesitoner: What about these people? [The questioner hasn’t understood clearly that the Shaikh was referring to the people the questioner asked about]

Al-Albaani: Who am I speaking to you about? These people are like the Ahlul-Fatrah, they will go through a special process on the arasaat on the Day of Resurrection, so neither a ruling of them being in Paradise or the Fire is given to them here.

Questioner: Does arasaat mean pathways?

Al-Albaani: The arasaat is the place where the people will be gathered.

Questioner: One of them who dies now, who will his right be upon, for example?

Al-Albaani: Who will what?

Questioner: His right will be upon whom, ya’ni, who will be responsible for him … who will bear the burden of his mistakes and his sin? Is it the Muslims for example … who didn’t go to him and convey the religion to him?

Al-Albaani: Which type are you talking about, is it the type that you asked about first?

Questioner: It’s the same question that we’re in, a person who, for example, dies in France, America, Britain, Germany and so on, and he had no one who conveyed the religion to him?

Al-Albaani: May Allaah guide you. At this very moment you have just judged that there is a sin on these people?

Questioner: How?

Al-Albaani: At this very moment you have just judged that there is a sin on them?

Questioner: A sin, ya’ni, for example the people who never conveyed it to them is what I mean.

Al-Albaani: I know what you mean, may Allaah guide you, did you understand from what I said that these people whom the da’wah did not reach and who died are sinful?

Questioner: No, I didn’t understand it to mean that.

Al-Albaani: Okay, you understand that they are not sinful?

Questioner: Yes, I understand.

Al-Albaani: So then how can you say, ‘Who will bear the burden of their sin?’

Questioner: Ah yes, true.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 326. [1/5/846]