Al-Albaani Warning Against Native Arab Speakers Who Have Doctorates But Not Knowledge, What of Those Who Have Neither Doctorate Nor Arabic, Let Alone Knowledge?

by The Albaani Site

The Imaam said, “And in this regard, I advise the noble readers not to trust what is written these days in some of the magazines in circulation or widespread books containing Islamic research, especially those which are concerning the science of hadith, except if they are, firstly, written by the pen of someone whose [understanding of the] religion is trusted, and secondly that his knowledge and speciality in it [are trusted too]–for self-importance has conquered many of the writers of the present age, especially those who carry the title of, ‘Dr.,’ for they write about things which are not from their speciality, and about which they have no knowledge.

And indeed I know one of these individuals, he recently brought out a book before the people, most of it being about hadith and the seerah, thinking that in it he had relied upon authentic hadiths and narrations from the books of the Sunnah and Seerah! [Yet] then he [proceeds to] report narrations and hadiths in it which are unique in only being reported by the weak narrators, the abandoned narrators and those who have been accused of lying, like Waqidi and others. In fact, he reported the hadith, ‘We judge by what is apparent and leave what is hidden to Allaah,’ and he was resolute in attributing it to the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم even though it has no basis [in being a narration] from him صلى الله عليه وسلم with this wording–so, readers, beware of people like these.

And Allaah’s Aid is sought.”

As-Saheehah, vol. 1, pp. 100-101.