A Picture of a Receipt from the Shop of Al-Albaani the Watch-Repairer

by The Albaani Site

Watch Repair Receipt

Muhammad Naasirud-deen al-Albaani
Damascus, Al-Amara district, King Faisal Street
[a famous district and street in Damascus]

Our code [motto] in selling and repairing is the noble hadith,
“The religion is to sincerely advise.”

Sale and Repair of all Types of Watches
With Precision, Sincere Advice, and Guaranteed

Sex [/or maybe type of watch]:
Repair and cost:

Guaranteed for six Arabic months, with a real warranty.
Note: Watches will not be returned except with this receipt.

Date:        /         /        year

Taken from: http://www.sahab.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=131263