Salafi-Ikhwaani, Ikhwaani-Salafi? Salafi Aqidah, Ikhwaani Manhaj?

by The Albaani Site

Questioner: How correct is the saying that so and so is Salafi in aqidah but is on the manhaj of the Ikhwaan [al-Muslimoon]? Is manhaj not part of aqidah? And was this categorization known amongst the Salaf or was there a man who was Salafi in aqidah but not Salafi in manhaj?

Al-Albaani: They [i.e., aqidah and manhaj] are inseparable, Yaa akhi, and it is not possible that he can be an Ikhwaani Salafi. But he will be Salafi in some things and Ikhwaani in others, or Ikhwaani in some and Salafi in others. As for him being a Salafi in accordance with what the Companions of the Messenger عليه السلام were upon for example, then this is something it is impossible to bring together.

The Ikhwaan al-Muslimoon are callers … okay, what do they call to? Do they call to the da’wah of the Salaf as-Saalih? I.e., if we picture an Ikhwaani Salafi, will he be calling to the Salafi da’wah? The answer is no. Thus he is not a Salafi but in one aspect he might be and from another he won’t.

Questioner: [Asking a different question] what’s the difference between …

Shaikh Ubailaan: I called you on the phone…

Al-Albaani: Aah … [i.e., okay]

Shaikh Ubailaan: I asked you ….

Al-Albaani: Yes …

Shaikh Ubailaan: And you said to me, ‘Don’t let those who try to sew together the Salafi manhaj and the Ikhwaani manhaj worry you/be of interest to you.’

Al-Albaani: Yes, by Allaah.

Shaikh Ubailaan: So [in the end such people] never became Salafis or Ikhwaanis!

Al-Albaani: That’s right, Allaahu Akbar.

Questioner: What’s the difference between …

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 751.