Very Useful Resource: Search Hans-Wehr and Lane’s Lexicon at the Same Time Online and Offline

by The Albaani Site

On the other blog, I mentioned a resource useful for people who need to access Hans-Wehr and Lane’s Lexicon to search for words.  I’m mentioning it here again for people who may not be subscribed to the other blog, and if you’re not, why not do so now?

This is a truly remarkable resource for those who regularly need to use Arabic-English dictionaries. On this page you can search both Hans-Wehr’s dictionary and Lane’s Lexicon at the same time.  What is most useful is the fact that you can type in the base root of the word you’re looking for in Arabic and it will show you the word in Hans-Wehr first and if you scroll down it will then show you where the same word occurs in Lane’s Lexicon. Here’s the link to the post which has the link to the site:

And for those of you who would like to use this facility offline, it can also be downloaded for that purpose, here’s the post mentioning that along with the download link: