Why do you Concern Yourself with These People?

by The Albaani Site

Continuing from the same sitting mentioned in the last post.

Questioner: O Shaikh, a number of Yemeni brothers came to you asking you about a Jam’iyyah. There was some obscurity in their question … and he said that some of the people of such and such a charitable organisation [Jam’iyyah] are the students of Shaikh Muqbil and so on and so on even though Shaikh Muqbil has warned against them many times and has spoken against them harshly when warning against them, in fact, he freed himself from them and they greatly vilify Shaikh Muqbil.

In fact, in a cassette called, Hiwaarun Haadi ma’a Muqbil ibn Haadi, one of them said to him, ‘In my eyes you and al-Ghazali are the same,’ and this is a student of Shaikh Muqbil’s saying to him, ‘In my eyes you and al-Ghazali are the same. Al-Ghazali spoke against the Sunnah and you speak against the Sunnah in the name of defending the Sunnah.’

And one of them who is also a student of Shaikh Muqbil’s, but who is a disobedient student said to me, ‘The Ahlul-Hadith have harshness in them and a lack of worship, look at Shaikh Muqbil,’ and at the same time they praise the people of innovation.

I’m not talking about the people of innovation concerning whose innovation one may have a doubt–rather the innovators like the grave worshippers. There is a Sufi in Hadramaut who has every calamity in him, i.e., a grave worshipper, a mufawwid [someone who says we don’t know the meanings of Allaah’s Attributes], everything, so they go to him and study with him in fact some of them said, ‘The open heartedness of this Sufi is better than the intolerance of Muqbil.’ And this Sufi sends the children of those whom they call as-Saadah [Ed. Note: i.e., those who they claim are Haashimis whose family tree goes back to the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم] to Saqqaaf [the well-known Sufi who lives in Jordan].

And now Ali Hasan Abul-Harith told me that their numbers have reached forty, by Allaah, this news was like a bolt out of the blue … when he started to see the youth turning towards the Sunnah he took their kids and sent them here [to Jordan, to the Sufi Saqqaaf]. So these hizbis, those from these Jam’iyyah’s or the hizbis in general, these people, wallaahi, they try to make the people stop going, wallaahi, to Shaikh Muqbil while at the same time they praise these innovators and send their children here to Saqqaaf and others.

So what do you say about that, O Shaikh, and we have grown tired of them and they have bothered and disturbed us?

Al-Albaani: I say, you … may Allaah guide you. Why are you distressed/concerned about these people? We have no power, my brother, why do you concern yourself with these people? They are numerous, the whole world is full of them, falsehood is like this.

Questioner: Many people follow them.

Al-Albaani: Here from the aayahs which are relevant, “Then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them, [O Muhammad], if they do not believe in this message, [and] out of sorrow.” [Kahf 18:6]

My brother, take an instruction and lesson from the consolation the Lord of the Worlds gave to His Noble Prophet in this aayah, even though these people [mentioned in the aayah] were disbelievers, misguided people, polytheists and so on. Those people [who you mentioned], even though they are misguided, whatever the case they have not left the fold of Islaam and [have not left being] Muslims.

For this reason I am amazed, wallaahi, every time someone sees a person or people who he used to think were Salafi but who then deviated that they say this and that and this and that.

This saying [i.e., that the Sufis are tolerant whereas Shaih Muqbil, rahimahullaah, is harsh] emanates from two things: either ignorance or feigning ignorance, or both.

The Sufis are well known, for example, in Syria, so and so the Sufi will not reject [something but at the same time will not] fulfil its rights, he has a sweet tongue–because he does not order the good or forbid the evil, he will not love for the Sake of Allaah or hate for the Sake of Allaah. Whereas a person who is on the Path of the Salaf loves for the Sake of Allaah and hates for His Sake, he will at times speak softly and at other times will speak sternly, because this is the Sunnah of the Prophet عليه السلام.

The Sufi does not know sternness because the ahkaam of the sharee’ah do not concern him, what concerns him is attracting the hearts, what concerns him is that the people come forward to kiss his hand, nay, even both his hands at the same time. For this reason when these people say that [Shaikh] Muqbil is harsh but that Sufi is easy-going and soft they do so because of their ignorance or due to their purposefully ignoring [the truth] and because they are running behind that which will benefit them personally.

You said some Yemeni brothers came to me and then what was it [that you were reminding me of?]

Questioner: They wanted to obscure [the situation by using what you said in the wrong way] they said that …

Al-Albaani: What shall we do with them?

Questioner: I asked because, of course, many of the youth there listen to the statements of the Shaikh [i.e., Shaikh al-Albaani] so when they hear what you say, inshaa Allaah, the situation will become clear to them. I remember that in the fatwa, [there was a mention of the permissibility or not of] putting money in the bank, you don’t remember, O Shaikh?

Interjection: … they started forming groups, the tape is present.

Al-Albaani: O my brother, what can we do with them?

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 784.

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