The Beginner Students of Knowledge who Try to Tower Over the Major Scholars

by The Albaani Site


Questioner: I have found, and I ask Allaah to forgive me and I hope that my feeling is misplaced, but I’ve started to notice that some of the students of knowledge, young people, who generally, alhamdulillaah, are good, but you will see that he has studied for four or five years, just having started [studying] the science of hadith and you find that he tries to build himself up by opposing so and so, for example, he will disagree with Al-Albaani [in hadith], or in fiqh he will even oppose Abdul-Aziz Ibn Baaz or Uthaimeen, so this is a phenomenon which I fear, O Shaikh.

Al-Albaani: We are men and they are men!

Questioner: In fact they did say that! But someone replied to them, O Shaikh, and said, ‘They [i.e., the scholars] are men, and you are a Dajjaal [imposter].’ Because one time the issue [being discussed] was about a Companion, the discussion reached the Companions, he said, ‘They are men and we are men.’ So he [the other person] replied, ‘No, they were men and you are a Dajjaal.’

Al-Albaani: Allaahu Akbar!

Questioner: So this is something noted, now for a few days I’ve been having a discussion with a student of knowledge, may Allaah reward him with good, who is attentive in this regard, so one of the brothers said to me, ‘But he opposes Al-Albaani or differs with Al-Albaani,’ so the issue … ‘… and so and so opposes Shaikh Ibn Baaz and so and so differs with Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen.’

Al-Albaani: The love of fame will break one’s back.

Questioner: I liked this statement of yours …

Al-Albaani: This is a blight on the students in this age except for those who Allaah has protected, and how few they are.

Questioner: Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billaah.

Al-Albaani: Allaah’s aid is sought, Allaah’s aid is sought.

The video:

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 599.