Al-Albani and the American Hitchhiker … Is Allaah Everywhere?

by The Albaani Site

Translated by Ahmed Abu Turaab

Al-Albani: A woman who was also teaching at the university [asked me] … a doctor was arguing with her about the topic of Allaah’s Ascendancy over the Throne. The doctor said [that such a belief] was a mistake and that Allaah is everywhere.

Interjection: May Allaah guide him.

Al-Albani: By Allaah! A disbeliever would not even accept this belief, and this is something I have experience of.

One time I was travelling in Syria from Aleppo to Idlib, and from Idlib on to Latakia, westwards. One of our brothers, Abdur-Rahmaan Shilbi, was with us, [so] we went to Latakia from Idlib.

You know that the Europeans have a particular way of asking for a free car ride … the ones who get in to cars for free, what do they do?

Interjection: They call it, ‘Stop.’ [i.e., hitching a ride].

Al-Albani: I don’t know. A person [lit. beggar] stands on the road asking for a ride. [So] I’m going in my car and my companion is sitting next to me, naturally we were going slightly fast, or very fast [even], I don’t know … the important thing is that after we had travelled some distance I heard [i.e., was told] that there was a man who had raised his thumb so we stopped and looked in the [rear view] mirror. And indeed [there was, so I said], ‘What do you think, Abdur-Rahmaan, let’s take him with us, the car’s empty.’

The point is that we went back and found that the man was an American and his wife was standing … but she wasn’t in plain view, [she was standing] to the side, so when we stopped the car he signalled to her [to come].  So I said to [our brother] Abdur-Rahmaan, ‘We’ll cover the distance [on the journey] with them,’ after we came to know that they were foreigners.

They both got in and we left. My companion [Abdur-Rahmaan] speaks English as for me, I do not. My Albanian is enough for me.

I said to him, ‘Ask them where they’re from …,’ until we go to the point [where I told him to ask them], ‘What is your belief in Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic?’ The American replied, ‘He’s everywhere,’ this is [also] the aqidah of the doctor [at the university]. How strange that the belief of a non-Muslim American … [in fact] it’s not strange.

I said to Adbur-Rahmaan, ‘Say this to him, say that to him …,’ so he’s translating until we got to the crux of the matter. [After explaining the correct Islamic belief to him], the American said, ‘By God, this makes sense. It makes sense that God is above all creation.’

Because Allaah existed when there was no creation, no time, no place, [so] how can it be said that Allaah is everywhere.

The Egyptian doctors still don’t understand this creed and teach the students that He is everywhere; in Azhar University, an Azhari will come and debate with you [about this issue] and then above that will declare you to be misguided because you say, ‘The Most Gracious rose over the [Mighty] Throne [in a manner that suits His Majesty].’ [Taa Haa 20:5]

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 282.

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