From the Innovations of the Allies of the Devil is to Declare Sayings of the Prophet to be Authentic by Way of Sufi ‘Kashf’

by The Albaani Site


It is narrated from the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم that he said, ‘My Companions are like the stars. Whoever amongst them you follow, you will be rightly guided.”


Al-Albani said, “And as for the saying of ash-Sha’raani in Al-Meezaan, (1/28), ‘Even if the scholars of hadith have written [critically] about this hadith, it is authentic in the eyes of the People of Kashf [i.e., ‘Sufi disclosure’, unveiling, insight into the Unseen through karaamah],’ then it is falsehood and nonsense not to be given any attention!

And that is because declaring hadiths to be authentic by way of kashf is an abominable, Sufi innovation, relying on it results in the authentication of false hadiths which have no basis, like this one.

Due to the fact that the most that can be said about kashf–if it is correct–is that it is just like [someone’s] opinion, it can be correct and incorrect, and [even] this is if desires do not enter [the equation].

We ask Allaah to safeguard us from that and from everything that does not please Him.”

Ad-Da’eefah, 1/144-155.