Is the Punishment of the Grave Continuous or Does it Cease?

by The Albaani Site

Questioner: Our teacher, the punishment in the grave, is it [constant] up until the Day of Judgement or does it cease? And what is the proof for that?

Al-Albani: In the Noble Quran, our Lord said about Pharaoh and his people, “The Fire, they are exposed to it, morning and afternoon.” [Ghaafir 40:46].  This is in relation to most of the people, Pharaoh and his people, who took a deity [to worship] other than Allaah.   As for the others then there is no doubt that the disobedient sinners [faasiq] from the Muslims, their punishment will be less than that.  As for details of between how long and how long [the punishment will last for], then this is not mentioned in the Sunnah.

Al-Huda wan-Noor, no. 9.

Here’s the video a brother made of this post, jazaahullaahu khairaa: