Is the Sufi’s Stabbing themselves with Skewers a Miracle? | End

by The Albaani Site


I had travelled to Aleppo from Damascus for da’wah and gave a lesson after which the people dispersed. Normally four to five people from our brothers, our friends, stay behind. [This time] another person stayed behind with them who I had never seen before. He was sitting there, far away from me. His stomach was like this, he was not overweight, slim, yet along with that his stomach was like this [i.e., sticking out].

I said to him, ‘What is this?’

He said, ‘This is ‘Rahmaaniyyah.’’ That was the first time I heard this word, [I heard it] there in Aleppo. I said, ‘What does Rahmaaniyyah mean?’

He said, ‘It means the skewers.’

I said, ‘So why did you come to me?’ I knew why.  He said:

‘To show you our miracles [karaamaat].’

I said to him, ‘This is easy [to deal with].’  That day I had a two-sided blade with me to sharpen my pencil, each side was like this, small.

I said to him, ‘[If that’s the case], I’ll hit you with this blade using my hand.’

So he said, ‘[No], with my hand,’ i.e., he wanted to strike himself with the blade which I would give him.

So I said, ‘No, with my hand.’

He said, ‘With my hand.’ So the people started to look at these words being repeated by both sides, I was saying, ‘With my hand,’ and he was saying, ‘With my hand.’

‘With my hand.’

‘With my hand.’

‘With my hand.’

 ‘With my hand.’

‘With my hand.’

And I naturally was more patient than him because firstly, I knew I was upon the truth and secondly so many years have passed by me, as many as Allaah has willed, calling all types of people to the true religion of Allaah.

So he became tired and fed up.

[And when he did] the last thing he said was, ‘What’s the difference?’

I was saying to him, ‘With my hand.’ And he was saying to me, ‘With my hand. With my hand.’ Afterwards he got tired and became fed up, and said, ‘What’s the difference?’

I said, ‘If there is no difference, [then] with my hand.’  He then turned the topic on its head, and this is from their ignorance.

He called the person whose house it was, and his name was Abu Ahmad, he said to him, ‘O Abu Ahmad! Bring the brazier [i.e., a metal container for carrying hot coal, etc.].’

I understood what he meant and so I said, ‘O Abu Ahmad, don’t bring the brazier, bring a matchstick.’ Subhaanallaah, he was from the Sufis and they were used to wearing a white head covering without the head cord [iqaal, the round black cord Arabs wear to keep the head covering in place].

So he brought the matchstick. I lit it and got up going towards him and said, ‘You will denounce this false claim of yours or otherwise I will burn you.’

Miskeen, he was speechless, silent, not saying a single word.

I was moving towards him step by step until I came close to him–and I really put the matchstick onto his head covering, and it started to catch fire.

Then I took it and rubbed it against itself like this [i.e., put it out after having proved the falsehood of his claim], fearing that the sparks would increase, I [put it out] like this, and then said to him, ‘Go to those Shaikhs of yours and tell them:

‘These are the miracles [karaamaat] of the Salafis.’

Mawsoo’atul-Allaamah, al-Imaam, Mujaddidil-Asr, Muhammad Naasirid-Deen al-Albaani, of Shaikh Shady Noaman, vol. 3, pp. 965-972.