Al-Albaani’s Finances: Writing Ad-Da’eefah on Gift Paper and Red Paper Bags Used to Weigh Rice and Sugar In

by The Albaani Site

Shaikh Mashoor Hasan said, “Our Shaikh, may Allaah have mercy on him, charged me with reviewing some of the volumes of As-Silsilah ad-Da’eefah before it was printed … he gave me the fifth volume of Ad-Da’eefah. So I took the volume from him [which was written] in his own handwriting before it was printed.

When I took it out of the bag [it was in] and saw it I started to cry.

The Shaikh asked me, “What is wrong with you?”

So I didn’t say anything, and the Shaikh saw the tears in my eyes—the Shaikh, may Allaah have mercy on him, had written the fifth volume of Ad-Da’eefah on gift paper, and on the paper bags used for sugar and rice, the red [paper] bags which the people would weigh sugar and rice in.

So the Shaikh said to me, “I used to have thread which I would place in ink. Then I would place this thread on the paper and so the paper would become lined.”  And he said, “I didn’t have any money to buy paper with.””

Transl. note: The fifth volume of Ad-Da’eefah which is printed is 524 pages long.

Taken from this lecture of Shaikh Mashhoor in Arabic, at the 67th minute:

Writing on gift paper …