Is the Du’aa for the Adhaan Also Said After the Iqaamah?


Questioner: Regarding the du’aa for the adhaan, is it also legislated for the iqaamah?

Al-Albaani: That is what is apparent from his statement ﷺ, “When you hear the mu’adhin, then say the same as him …” and in a hadith whose authenticity is well-known he made the iqaamah an adhaan, “Between every two adhaans there is a prayer for whoever wants to [pray it],” so the iqaamah is an adhaan, the rulings of the adhaan apply to it from which is answering the mu’adhin [i.e., saying the same as him] and asking for the Waseelah for the Prophet ﷺ and sending salaah upon him ﷺ.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 79.