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Praying in the Middle of the Mosque Without a Sutrah


The Imaam said, “What the people do in all of the mosques that I have seen in Syria and elsewhere in praying in the middle of the mosque far away from a wall or pillar [which they can use as a sutrah] is due to their heedlessness of his order and actions.”

Talkhees Sifatus-Salaah, 24.

“When My Sutrah Goes What Should I Do?”

Host: There’s a question here [which says], ‘When my sutrah goes what should I do?’ He means when the sutrah is something which can move or be carried and it is taken.

Al-Albaani: In such a situation if it is possible for him to go towards a sutrah through a slight [amount of] movement he does so, if he can’t then Allaah does not burden a soul with more than it can bear, for example, if there were a pillar there or a person who is sitting down, he can approach it or him with a step or two and use it or him as a sutrah.

Rihlatun-Noor, 23 Side B.

The Distance Which Should be Left if Having to Walk in Front of Someone Praying who Hasn’t Taken a Sutrah

Questioner: The distance which a person walking in front of someone praying must leave, someone who hasn’t taken a sutrah?

Al-Albaani: After the [place of] prostration of the person praying.

Questioner: After the [place of] prostration, about three cubits [arm’s-lengths]?

Al-Albaani: Yes.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 322.

What is The Ruling About The Salaah of a Person who Prays Without a Sutrah?


Questioner: The person who prays without a Sutrah, what is the ruling on his prayer?

Al-Albaani: The prayer is valid but he is sinful.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 184.

How Far is a Person Who Has Some Units of Prayer to Make up Permitted to Walk to Get to His Sutrah?

Questioner: [How far is a person who has some units of prayer to make up permitted to walk to get to his Sutrah?]

Al-Albaani: He can take some steps such that if he is seen no one will say, ‘He’s not praying,’ [i.e., no one will assume that by the looks of it he is not praying], because actions that are many nullify the prayer.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 290.

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