Concerning the Squeezing in the Grave


Questioner: He said in the Musnad … the hadith of Hudhaifah, who said, “We were with the Prophet of Allaah, صلى الله عليه وسلم, during a funeral. So when we got to the grave he sat down on his two shins and started to look at it, and then said, ‘The believer is squeezed in it one time such that his ‘hamaa’il’ are crushed, and the disbeliever is covered in Fire.'”

He said the hamaa’il are the veins of the testicles.  What does, “… the veins of his testicles are crushed …” mean?

Al-Albani: It’s an expression to show the severity of the punishment. [The compiler of the book said, ‘I.e, his ribs are crushed to such an extent that it affects his testicles.’]

Questioner: Namely, the believer will be squeezed to such an extent?

Al-Albani: And his ribs will overlap, no one will escape it, not even Sa’d ibn Mu’aadh [did] as he, عليه السلام, said in some authentic hadtihs.

Questioner: Namely, he will feel pain from this squeezing?

Al-Albani: … without doubt. When the ribs overlap then this is severe pain, but it does not persist. One squeezing and then everything returns to its natural state, if he was a righteous person then [he will be in the state of a] righteous person, and if he was an evil person then [he will be the state of an] evil person, as we just explained that a window is opened up in the grave for the dead person.

Questioner: Namely, the squeezing, there is no escape from it?

Al-Albani: There is no escape from it.

Mawsoo’atul-Allaamah, al-Imaam, Mujaddidil-Asr, Muhammad Naasirid-Deen al-Albaani, of Shaikh Shady Noaman, vol. 9, pp. 159-160.

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