Do the Souls of the Dead come back to the World?

Question: The soul of the dead, does it come [back] and recognise what we do, in our houses for example?

Al-Albani: Never.  These are superstitions which are present in the minds of some people. When a person dies his connection to the world is totally cut off. Namely, if a nuclear bomb were sent down, and you have heard about [how powerful] one of them [is], [such as the one] the Americans sent down on Japan … if hundreds of nuclear bombs were sent down on this planet the dead would not feel it whatsoever, “When a person dies, his actions are cut off except for three things …” And our Lord said in the Noble Quraan, “But you cannot make hear those in the graves.” [Faatir 35:22].

The dead do not hear, so do not believe any of these stories.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 290.

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