Al-Albaani’s Daughters Mentioning Their Father’s Answer to a Question About Memorising the Quraan

In their book, Hassaanah and Sukainah, the daughters of Shaikh al-Albaani said, “And our father, may Allaah have mercy on him, was asked, ‘If I have memorised a quarter of the Quraan and then I move on to the second quarter [but] I haven’t memorised the previous quarter properly, will I be sinful?’ So he replied, ‘You won’t be sinful inshaa Allaah, but you would not have responded appropriately to the Prophet’s صلى الله عليه وسلم saying, “Keep refreshing your knowledge of the Quraan, for by the One in Whose Hand is the soul of Muhammad, it is more inclined to escape than a camel from its rope,” [Muslim] in this hadith is an encouragement to refresh one’s knowledge of the Quraan and to be persistent in reciting it, because it escapes from the breasts of men due to the loftiness of Allaah the Mighty and Majestic’s Speech and its exaltedness.’”

Ad-Daleel ilaa Ta’lim Kitaabil-Laahil-Jalil, vol.3, p. 127.