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Al-Albaani said, “When al-Albaani Dies, the People will Come to Know Him.”


Shaikh Muhammad Musa Nasr said, “And near the end of his life, I heard the Shaikh saying, ‘When al-Albaani dies, the people will come to know him.’ Now, after his death, the people know al-Albaani. His house in his area … his neighbours didn’t know him, someone would come and ask about him and they would say, ‘Shaikh al-Albaani, we don’t know him,’ after he died the people came to know him. A person went to the Bahamas … and found two hundred and fifty Muslim families on that island, all of them Salafis—how did al-Albaani get to them? His tapes did, they never saw him with their eyes but they lived according to his tapes, all of them were on the Book and the Sunnah, not a single one of them was from the hizbi Jamaa’ahs or the Sufis. This shows that al-Albaani’s truthfulness and his sincerity spread his da’wah around the world …”

Mowqi Ahlil-Hadith.

His Illness and Death


His son Abdul-Lateef said, “One time he was speaking in his sleep so I came close to him to listen to what he was saying. So he opened his eyes all of a sudden and said, “You spying on me?” and then laughed. He used to join his prayers at the end of his life, in the last two months. And his shop is still there in Damascus, ‘Al-Albaani Watches.’

We used to feel sympathy for him for not sleeping, he would stay awake all night to author [works] and check and verify. He would go to sleep at 11 at night, then I could tell that at 1 in the morning he would get up and stay awake until Fajr. He would sleep for two hours during the day, so he would be busy for twenty hours and sleep for four.

And I make special mention of the fact that during his washing [after he passed away] we noticed the marks/effects on his back of all that [long] sitting.” Al-Imaam al-Albaani, Hayaatuhu, Da’watuhu, Juhooduhoo fee Khidmatis-Sunnah, of Muhammad Bayyoomi, p. 268, with editing.

Dr. Abdul-Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Abdullaah as-Sadhaan said, “During the last three years of his life, he, may Allaah have mercy on him, used to suffer from a number of ailments, yet along with all of this he was patient and hoped for Allaah’s reward. He had lost a lot of weight and I saw that myself a month before his death. Some of the ailments he suffered from were anaemia, and problems with his liver and one of his kidneys.

And so after a life full of knowledge and action, calling to Allaah and patience, he, may Allaah the Most High have mercy on him, passed away after asr time, on Saturday, 22nd Jumaada al-Aakhirah 1420 [October 1999], may Allaah make Firdous his abode.

And his funeral was prepared quickly on the same day as per his will. And the bier was carried on the shoulders from his house to the grave.” Al-Imaam al-Albaani, Duroos, wa Mawaaqif, wa Ibar, of Abdul-Aziz ibn Muhammad Abdullaah as-Sadhaan, p. 292.

Shaikh Muhammad Moosaa Nasr said, “And he was buried in a small graveyard … as he wanted. For one day he passed by the Hamlaan graveyard with the brother Muhammad al-Khateeb, as Ustaadh Muhammad Shaqrah, may Allaah protect him, told me, and so the Shaikh said to him, “I hope to be buried in this graveyard.” And it was the closest graveyard to his house. And Allaah fulfilled his wish and he was buried there, may Allaah the Most High have mercy on him.” Al-Imaam al-Mujaddid, wal-Allaamatul-Muhaddith, Muhammad Naasirud-Deen al-Albaani, p. 65.

A month before he died …

“In Dubai Ali ibn Hasan al-Halabi told us, “A month before his death, the Shaikh, may Allaah have mercy upon him, spent three days researching one hadith.  And he dictated eighteen pages to his grandson, Ubaadah, while I was watching.””

Safahaat Baidaa min Hayaatil-Imaam Muhammad Naasirud-Deen al-Albaani, rahimahullaahu ta’aala, of Abu Asmaa Atiyyah ibn Sidqee Ali Saalim, p. 94.

Forty-eight hours before he died …


Shaikh Ali Hasan mentioned that Shaikh Al-Albaani’s son, Abdul-Lateef said that forty-eight hours before his death, the Shaikh, may Allaah have mercy upon him, requested that he bring the book Saheeh Sunan Abi Daawood to look for something that had crossed his heart and mind.

Al-Imaam al-Albani, Duroos wa Mawaaqif wa Ibar, pp. 275-276.

Every son of a female …

“When I (Shaikh Ali Hasan al-Halabi), informed Shaikh Al-Albaani, may Allaah have mercy upon him, of the death of his Eminence Shaikh Abdul-Aziz ibn Baaz, may Allaah have mercy upon him, he could not stop himself from crying, his eyes were filled with flowing tears, and he spoke of him with compassionate, righteous words.  So he, may Allaah have mercy on him,  said, and I wrote this down from him:

‘To Allaah we belong and to Him we return.  Oh Allaah!  Recompense me for my affliction and replace it for me with something better.  May Allaah have mercy upon him, a vast mercy.  And may He reward him well on behalf of Islaam and the muslims.

Every son of a female, even if he is well for a long time
will, one day, be carried on a bier [to his grave]

Indeed Shaikh Abdul-Aziz Ibn Baaz, may Allaah have mercy on him, was from the elite of the scholars.  We ask Allaah, the Most High, to make Paradise his dwelling.  If this life were to last forever for anyone, it would have lasted as such for Mustafaa, sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam.

May Allaah have mercy on him and may He cause us and him to be with the righteous.’”

Ma’a Shaikhinaa Naasirus-Sunnnah … of Shaikh Ali Hasan, p. 15.

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