“Show me that book …”

Esaam Moosaa Haadi said, “A student of knowledge who used to study at the Institute of Sharee’ah used to work with our Shaikh.  During his spare time he would come to our Shaikh and transcribe for the Shaikh [whatever he wanted penned down].  So this student told me that the Shaikh once said to him, “Show me that book you have with you …” [alluding] to a book that student had with him.  The Shaikh then started to look through the book.  He then left the study with it and came back later returning it to the student.  So when the student left our Shaikh, he said, “I noticed that there was something in the book.  When I had a look I saw that our Shaikh had left some money [between the pages].””

Al-Imaam al-Albani, Duroos wa Mawaaqif wa Ibar, p. 173.