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The Shaikh Praises Allaah for Saving Him From Fanaticism for a Madhhab

“The truth is lost due to fanatical ‘madhhabism’, and Allaah the Most High is the One who is Praised for saving us from it, and granting us love of the Sunnah and [the love of] aiding it, and being partial to it alone. So all praise is for Allaah for what He has given and I ask Him for more of His Bounty in the Hereafter and this life.”

Ad-Da’eefah, 12/1/150.

Al-Albaani’s Du’aa Regarding Being Fanatical Towards a Madhhab

“I ask Allaah to protect me and you from fanatical ‘madhhabism, and that He grants us and you success in following the truth whoever it is with and that we go wherever it does.”

Ad-Da’eefah, 9/375.

On Fanatical Blind Followers

Renouncing some of the fanatical Hanafis, the Shaikh said, “[This is] enough twisting and turning, O people, in defence of your Imaam even though he is not to blame, because he stopped at what he knew, so you have to follow what is established in the Sunnah, for it is the foundation. And if it [i.e., a particular proof] eluded your Imaam then it hasn’t eluded you, and through it, the proof has been established against you.”

Ad-Da’eefah, 12/1/298.

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