Al-Albaani and His Bicycle: The Turbaned Shaikh was the Talk of the Town But He Didn’t Care


He said, “I bought a bicycle to ride and it was the first time the Damascenes saw such a spectacle: a turbaned Shaikh riding a bicycle!

They were astonished at such a sight.

There used to be a magazine called Al-Mudhik al-Mubki1 which a Christian man would publish, he mentioned this incident among the witty jokes [therein, but] I wouldn’t care about these petty issues—all that concerned me was time.”

1 A comedic magazine published in Damascus by a journalist called Habeeb Kahaalah.  In each edition he would print a picture which would be the talk of the town for the whole week.

Al-Imaam al-Albaani, Duroos, wa Mawaaqif, wa Ibar, of Abdul-Aziz ibn Muhammad Abdullaah as-Sadhaan, p. 111.