‘This is Not Your Nest, So Move Along.’ | Al-Albaani on Imaam Ash-Shaatibi’s Advice to the Scholar, Then What of the Student?

Here’s the PDF: ThisIsNotYourNest.

Shaikh al-Albaani said, “The Allaamah ash-Shaatibi [d. 790ah], may Allaah have mercy on him, said in his book Al-Iitisaam [vol. 3, p. 99] when explaining the signs of the people of desires and innovation:

“And a scholar (here Shaikh al-Albaani said, “Examine this closely, he didn’t say, ‘a student of knowledge!’”)—if the [other] scholars have not attested [to his knowledge], then the ruling regarding him is that he remains under the original state of the absence of knowledge—until another [scholar] attests otherwise and until he himself knows what was attested to in his regard. And if not, then he, for a surety, is upon an absence of knowledge or is upon doubt.

So choosing to proceed [by presenting himself as a scholar] in these two cases instead of refraining is not done except by following desires [i.e., the two cases being [1] a scholar attesting to his knowledge and [2] knowing what the [other] scholar has attested to in his regard]. For it was his duty to get a fatwa from someone else about himself but he didn’t. And it was his right not to be put forward [presented as a scholar] unless another [scholar] put him forward, and no-one did.””

Shaikh Al-Albaani commenting on this said, “This is Imaam ash-Shaatibi’s advice to ‘a scholar’ who is capable of going before the people with some share of knowledge—he is advising him not to do so until the scholars attest [to his knowledge], fearful that he may be a person of desires. So what, I wonder, do you think his advice would have been if he saw some of these who are attaching themselves to this knowledge in this time of ours?! There is no doubt that he would have said to such a person:

لَيْسَ هَذَا بِعُشِّكِ، فَادْرُجِي
‘This is not your nest, so move along.’

[Ed. Note: Al-Midaani said in Majma’ul-Amthaal, “‘This is not your nest, so move along,’ i.e., this affair is not something you have a right in, so leave it … it is given as an example for someone who raises himself above his rank.”]

So is there anyone who will take heed?! And indeed I, by Allaah, fear that these [people] will be included in his saying صلى الله عليه وسلم, “The intellects of the people of that time will be plucked away. And in its place only worthless people will remain. Most of them will think that they are upon something, but they are not upon anything.” [As-Saheehah, no. 1682]

And Allaah’s Aid is sought.”

As-Saheehah, vol. 2, p. 713.