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Al-Albaani asked about al-Banna | 17 | He was not a Scholar Either and a Mention of Blind Hizbiyyah

Questioner: I read [a transcription of] this tape, the topic being the Book and the Sunnah, a topic which in reality there has been much debate and argument over, and the centre of the argumentation and debate is this: some of the brothers in the Islamic world will say to you, ‘I take from the Book and the Sunnah as explained by one of the Imaams,’ for example, Hasan al-Banna, may Allaah have mercy on him.

Al-Albaani: Who?

Questioner: Hasan al-Banna.

Al-Albaani: Okay, yes.

Quesrtioner: You will find his followers now, namely, we’ve heard people say, ‘My brother, I only completely take what Hasan al-Banna said,’ okay, my brother, go back to the Book and the Sunnah … following on from that he will not take from the Book and the Sunnah, and there are many who say such things … okay, all of you say, ‘the Book and the Sunnah,’ [but] come and sit with one of them and the first thing they do is fight, okay, then where is the Book and the Sunnah amongst you?

Al-Albaani: Why do they fight? Because they are hizbis who are not united. Thereafter, [this statement that], ‘Hasan al-Banna is on the Book and the Sunnah,’ this term, ‘The Book and the Sunnah,’ is one which is only made up of a few words but the entire life of a Muslim, every aspect of it, comes under it.

And all claim Laylaa’s love
but Laylaa doesn’t acknowledge it for any of them

Hasan al-Banna, is not a man of knowledge, he was just a man of da’wah, and Allaah benefitted the Muslim youth through him by saving them from the cafe’s and cinemas and so on, there is no doubt or uncertainty about that.

But where are the books of Hasan al-Banna which show his knowledge? His father whose name was Abdur-Rahmaan has some books which show [us] his knowledge, but his son Hasan al-Banna doesn’t have anything other than a few small booklets. These small booklets are like a methodology for his da’wah but they do not show us that the man was a scholar.

So he [i.e., the person you mentioned in the question] will say to you that, ‘I am on the Book and the Sunnah and the methodology of Hasan al-Banna,’ this is proof that his eyes are closed and that he has submitted to the desire of blind hizbiyyah [simply] because, ‘he is Hasan al-Banna.’

Hasan al-Banna has a small book about words of remembrance [adhkaar].

Questioner: Al-Ma’thuraat.

Al-Albaani: It’s called, ‘Al-Ma’thuraat,’ very small, I don’t know have you seen it? One of the heads of the Ikhwaan al-Muslimoon in Syria put it to me to check this book and have it printed with a knowledge-based checking, because he trusted me as someone who specialises in the science of hadith.

I told him I would do so but that I feared my efforts would go to waste. He asked why and so I told him that it was his religious and knowledge-based sentiments which made him make such a suggestion, that I should check Hasan al-Banna’s book, but that the way of hizbiyyah will not let it pass for when it is said to the Ikhwaan al-Muslimoon that here is Hasan al-Banna’s book with al-Albaani’s checking, they will put an end to it, because it is very hard and painful for them to see a book by al-Banna with the checking of al-Albaani, why?

Because there is bigotry and blind partisanship … and [indeed that is what happened,] the book was not printed except as Hasan al-Banna, may Allaah have mercy on him, composed it [without al-Albaani’s checking]. What’s in this book? It contains [hadith] from books of the scholars of old, and fiqh of some of the hadiths about adhkaar and ma’thuraat, as far as I can tell, [but] not according to the principles of [the science of] hadith–because he was not from the people of hadith, his father was from the people of hadith somewhat, but he wasn’t. Whereas Ahmad Shaakir was also an Egyptian [but] he was an Imaam in this field of knowledge.

So Hasan al-Banna selected [content for his book], ‘Al-Ma’thuraat,’ as he liked, not based upon knowledge, yet even so you will find people who are bigoted for Hasan al-Banna, this bigotry did not come about due to knowledge at all, [but rather] from blind hizbiyyah, and I said recently that you will see major [members] of the Ikhwaan al-Muslimoon cut off the connection between themselves and the Messenger عليه السلام and [instead] make their connection with Hasan al-Banna …

So you will find that amongst the Ikhwaan al-Muslimoon the religious one or the one who does not want to shave his beard will let a small one grow and make it just like that of Hasan al-Banna. Yaa Jamaa’ah, where are you in relation to the Messenger who is the example [that should be followed] and he is the one about whom our Lord said in the Noble Quraan, “There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allaah an excellent example …” [Ahzaab 33:21] The defect is that they are not acquainted with the Messenger’s life.

Questioner: For who?

Al-Albaani: Sorry?

Questioner: For who, “… an excellent example for anyone who …”

Al-Albaani: Aah, may Allaah bless you, “… for anyone whose hope is in Allaah and the Last Day …” [Ahzaab 33:21]

So they cut off from the Messenger عليه السلام due to their turning away from studying the Sunnah and due to their preoccupation with politics, sociology, economics, and their calls which are nothing but shouting.

Leave the Ikhwaan al-Muslimoon and look at ‘Shabaab Muhammad,’ [they are even] further and further away, their religion is sport and football and basketball, and I don’t know which other such sports there are, would that it were in the way of clinging to the Sunnah and strengthening the foundation, because the Prophet عليه السلام said, “The strong believer is more beloved to Allaah than the weak one, and in all there is good.”

It is not from Islaam that the Muslim imitates the disbelievers, it is not from Islamic manners that he uncovers his thigh, it is not from Islamic manners that he wears the uniform of Jewish scouts, you can’t unless you uncover your thigh, what is this blind following?

It is a confirmation of his saying عليه السلام regarding the ignorant amongst the Muslims, “You will certainly follow the ways of those nations who were before you, span by span and cubit by cubit, so much so that even if they entered a lizard hole, you would follow them.”

Questioner: Yes.

Al-Albaani: Aah.

Questioner: Sorry Shaikh, could I ask you a quick question?

Al-Albaani: Please do.

Questioner: In the past we read in some hadiths that …

The Difference Between Inspiration [Ilhaam] and Revelation [Wahy]

From Jaabir, may Allaah be pleased with him, who said, “When the time of the Battle of Uhud approached, my father called me at night and said, “I think that I will be the first amongst the Companions of the Prophet to be martyred. I do not leave anyone after me dearer to me than you, except Allah’s Apostle’s soul and I owe some debt and you should repay it and treat your sisters favourably (nicely and politely).” So in the morning he was the first to be martyred and was buried along with another (martyr).” [Bukhaari]

Shaikh al-Albaani said, “It should be known that this is not to be considered as having knowledge of the Unseen, for no-one except Allaah knows the Unseen, and nor is it from the category of Allaah showing His servants some of the Unseen as many ignorant people think it is, for Allaah the Most High said, “[He is] Knower of the unseen, and He does not disclose His [knowledge of the] unseen to anyone except a Messenger He has approved of.” [Jinn 72:26-27] [i.e., Jaabir’s father was a Companion not a Messenger]

Rather [this incident] comes under the category of truthful inspiration [al-Ilhaam as-Saadiq], and the difference between it and revelation [wahy] is that inspiration [al-Ilhaam] is not safe from error or the fact that it may not materialise, unlike revelation [wahy] which is always infallible.”

Tahqiq Mishkaah al-Masaabih, 3/1674.

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