Visiting the Prophet’s Grave عليه السلام After Every Prayer

by The Albaani Site

The Shaikh was asked a question about whether a visitor to Medinah is allowed to go to the Prophet’s grave صلى الله عليه وسلم after every prayer, so he said:

Al-Albaani: If what you mean is every time someone prays, then we say no; but it is permissible [for the visitor] to do that sometimes and likewise it is not permissible for the residents of Medinah to visit it constantly after every prayer as is the case nowadays, for in doing so they are taking his grave عليه السلام as a place of festivity [Eed], and established hadiths have been reported which prohibit taking his grave عليه السلام as a place of festivity.

But a person who does that sometimes whether he be a resident or a visitor to Medinah–then let him do it sometimes and not repeatedly.

Questioner: Wouldn’t Ibn Umar do that?

Al-Albaani: Not all the time, he would, for example, upon returning from a journey, go to the Prophet’s grave عليه السلام and give him salaam and to Abu Bakr and his father, but as for him making that his habit as the innovators do–then far be it for him to do such a thing.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 97.