The Companions and the Time they Found the Body of the Prophet Daanyaal عليه السلام

by The Albaani Site

The story which the ‘Imaams of the Da’wah’ report in some of their books, that some of the Companions found the body of the Prophet Daanyaal and so dug thirteen graves for it [such that they would bury him in one of them] so that the people would be unable to locate it, how far is this narration authentic?

Al-Albaani: Firstly, at the start of your question you mentioned, the ‘Imaams of the Da’wah, who are you referring to with that phrase?

Questioner: Shaikh Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhaab’s grandchildren.

Al-Albaani: But nowadays it usually refers to the Tablighi Jamaa’ah.

Questioner: I didn’t mean that.

Al-Albaani: You didn’t mean that but your wording gave that false impression, that’s why, according to what I understood [when you used that term], I found it strange that you attributed that to them because those people [i.e., Jamaa’atut-Tabligh] do not give important to such noble issues at all.

Questioner: True.

Al-Albaani: [Anyway], what is important is that this narration has an authentic, established basis, having many paths of narration. Right now I do not recall whether the particular details that you mentioned are correct. But what is important is that they really did find [his body] and then dug [the earth] and caused a river to flow over him [i.e., over the grave] such that it was not possible to go to it and glorify it or for it to be worshipped instead of Allaah the Blessed and Most High, this is established.

Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 304.